Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Trouble with my scanner

Well, we have been having trouble with our old computor and the scanner, or I'd hoped to have some of my artwork here by now. That's my goal for this blog, but will have to be patient. I'm so enjoying the start of the fall colors and cooler weather. There's always one tree down the block where the green leaves start turning scarlet and mixed with the original green leaves it's a beautiful display. Our two little hummingbirds are still coming back to the feeder. I can hardly believe how much of the red liquid they drink up! They always seem to start coming regularly in August and with my new feeder I'm enjoying them much longer. They actually sit there for several minutes at a time...relaxing? and drinking.

1 comment:

butterfly woman said...

Hi Marge,
I love that you can get beyond the
technical things in life (like a scanner) and appreciate the beauty in
life. The tree changing colors, the
hummingbirds. I always feel I'm sitting
there right next to you observing it all. Bye the way, I don't see my little hummingbird anyway. I think he's taken
his little wings and headed to Mexico. What a trooper.