Friday, October 28, 2011

Mysterious Lights

Some of my photos had an interesting hazy light which might have been a result of the time of day, but the last one was really spooky!
There were ghost tours going on in Charleston when we were there for the House Tours and it made us think something else was in the photos!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Trip to Charleston

Took a trip to Charleston, S. Carolina with my sis to go on the House & Garden tour. First we had a carriage tour and saw the battery where my Mother lived in her first apt. after college. She and my Dad who was in the Coast Guard met at the church she worked in. He sang in the choir and she had a little mirror to view the balcony where the choir was.

The next photo is the first house we toured. The weather was just perfect.

Colorful Charleston

Monday, October 10, 2011

Grand Rapids Art Prize

On the walk towards more of the artwork, this was the first one we saw. A few of the sights followt the vintage building and the Childrens Art Museum.

Art Prize in Grand Rapids Michigan

This was the winner! It was very large, maybe 20 feet high or more and had some golden pieces that shone in the sunlight. The shadows were from the front windows of the building.

Some were outside as this huge praying mantis

Real leaves!

The Power of Women

This one has a special meaning for me after experiencing breast cancer first with my Mom, twice when after 20 years and at age 89 she had her second mastectomy. And I will have my last procdure for reconstruction soon, and had my second bout after seven years. But we both had good Drs. and were caught early and in stage 0. When the lumpectomy came back with "not clean margins", then the mastectomy was the result. It's just so amazing how many women there are who have this experience or other cancers. And that's what I felt with this piece-which fills a huge wall of a building!