Sunday, October 9, 2016

Mandy and Prentice's July Wedding

 What a fun wedding and how lucky we were the way the day cooled down after so many super hot summer days!  Everett and Sawyer were perfect as ring bearers. During the wedding, an outside garden wedding at Silver Lake Co. Club, a hummingbird hovered just above them.

 And there was a little chirping during the pastors words and it was mentioned that we seem to have a little guest.  Everyone thought it was a bird but Everett knew it was the frogs in the pond!  We saw them later that evening doing their little chirping!

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Workshop with Rosie and Pam Paulsrud

 Our first step was to experiment with the colors- which were made from Twin Rocker pigments, see bottom photo.  Then the paste paper began!  We used matte medium in places on the textwove and let that dry.  I pulled a tool through to make the comb like lines.  We were to leave 1/4th of the paper white if we could!  I don't think I've ever used several colors like these!  Then hopefully I'll finish a book...