Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Two Collages

These are both from Laura's class. On the dragonfly piece I added some dark greens to cover up some of the texture at the bottom that was too busy. I think now the contrast is better and the main part-the dragonfly stands out better. I added some of my gestural writing in the background papers.

The second one was done on a wood panel. I finished the painted background and someone said they thought it was done. Can't decide what to do now...the little chips of paint are from some of the acrylic paint that had dried and quite unexpected!

New Collage work

This first one I added the tree transfer and I think it needs another dark something on the right. Could add a quote...This one is large- 12 x 12" on canvas.

The green one is from a collage class with Laura from the LaGrange Art League. We painted the background first, then added some papers and more paint if wanted. I think the bottom got too busy. Size is 9 x 9" and on canvas

The next two are on paper. The blue one has a window transfer that was too dark but after adding some pattern paper, i think t got too tan. May have to fix that.

This one is small, also on paper. I'll make cards of it and then frame it.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Taking a Break

Things have been busy at home with a new kitchen remodel. Hope to be back soon.