Saturday, March 23, 2013

 Working on two collages in April's class.  I'm going to miss another class so I decided to try to finish one.   I wanted a transfer or something to have a center of interest.  The first photo is just the layout.  In the end I darkened the bottom as it looked too busy.  The gestural writing is from a workshop and I copied it on sheer paper.
 This is another background I'm trying to tie together to finish it off. The handmade paper will fade into the background so I'm not sure if it will do what I want- but I might put it down on the brown painted paper I found (see right side).

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

 Pictures from Jacqueline Sullivan's workshop- hope I can remember who the artists were- they are all so beautiful!!!!!!!  I know I missed some- thought I had taken photos of all of them!
 This one is by Kathy Mandell
 Linda H.
 Oh- mine lopsided
 Joanna's again
 ? Rita's
 A repeat but showing the beginning stage of Linda H's
Bernie's sister's -Mary's

Jacqueline Sullivan's workshop--- I tried to take photos as Jacqueline worked on her piece so you can see how it evolved

My painting from Jacqueline Sullivan's workshop- out of order- the middle one shows the lettering that was put on first.  It was acrylic paint and supposed to be permanent, but some washed off mainly at the top.  The we added paint to obscure some of the lettering as it was supposed to be "a part" of the painting which I liked but would like to have had more show up.  The larger quote was put on and then the redish paint added in the counters to finish it -and the nice stencil added more interest too.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

I've been down with bronchitis and sinus infection for almost two weeks.  Forgot I never posted my Valentine.
 My new project- took a quilt class -the pattern is Pineapple Quilt and made of scraps.  We all finished three squares- the next two photos are from the other class members.  The fabric on the next one they called civil war fabric. The teacher said some people just pull any color out of a bag, but I started kind of a pattern which I'll continue.