Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Monica Dengo's calligraphy class with the Chicago Calligraphy Collective.  We worked with sumi ink and water and used various tools with all sorts of styles, sometimes using our non-dominant hand, sometimes making letters and sometimes doing gestural lines.   Then we put our papers together in book form that had pages that "pushed out" and also tried a wrap-around cover that was very unique.
More photos on my penandpaintsartwork blog.
Calligraphy for Wedding invitations and place cards.  The two styles are italic (the large envelope- Mr and Mrs) and Copperplate (script) on the rest.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Prayer Flags at the LaGrange Art League Gallery!  Check out prayerflagproject.com for more information!

Finished Prayer Flags.  April couldn't make it that day, so the others are from Cynthia, who added Japanese coins and buttons to hers and a little lace circle.  Joyce had stamped a star for the red white and blue theme and bells.  Peggy added glitter to one of hers and tried one on denim.Colleen had used an irridescent copper color on hers and added a word.  Karen did one at home with her granddaughter who enjoyed the project!  
Donna came the last class and started hers late.

Prayer Flag Workshop
Cynthia, April, Joyce, Peggy, Colleen and Karen.

Prayer Flags from the first day of the workshop.  More will be added to them next time.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

SKETCH CLASS TODAY.....This was Peggy's Dad's sawhorse that she added a top to.  Just loved the colors and the pots and painting on the window setting behind them.  Not finished, as I need to add the dark brick behind the pots to make them show up better.

The bottom photo is the baby wren!  They are so ready to leave the nest now.  The day after we put the birdhouse up the wrens came and built their nest! They've been so much fun to watch out of our new kitchen window!

Newest prayer flags- forgot to take a photo of one other which has a word on it that I used an alphabet stamp which my class can use in case they don't want to paint their own word on by hand.  And the other finished one has a "fringe" sewn on the bottom with beads and sea shells.