Monday, May 20, 2013

Women's Art in the Garden Retreat at the Center in Palos Park

 What a beautiful weekend for our Retreat. This is the side of the Lodge which was built as a "house by the side of the road".  It's located on a hill surrounded by oak trees, ferns, wildflowers and wild life.  We saw a Rose-breasted Grosbeak on one walk and heard lots of bird songs.
 This is the fireside room where we meet
 Front of the Lodge with the Japanese Maple and hostas outside the door.
 The bridge across Southwest Highway that links the farm and the lodge and cabins on the other sied.
Our group on the deck. Lots of camaraderie and conversation. More later...

Prayer Flag Workshop

I did a  prayer flag presentation at our Calligraphy Study Group.  We mainly were able to do the backgrounds and will have to do the finishing at a later date.  That can be adding words, buttons, lace, etc.  The second photo shows my more finished pieces.

 Karen's -ironing will come later!  She brought several foam stamps -this leaf one was nice!
Kathy's -nice colors!

Joan's- she met Kate at the Lisa Engelbrecht workshop and is a quilter!
Not sure what happened that i didn't get photos of Kate's!

Saturday, May 4, 2013

More from Monoprinting for Calligraphers

 Most of my favorites were the botanical prints- with the late spring we had a hard time finding things to print with!  Had this ?fern leaf pressed and it came out nice!  The ones above were little branches.

 The lettering was done "blind" as I had to place a paper over the inked glass.

 Done with a fork.
 These just done with the roller.