Friday, June 17, 2011

Paintings for sale

I'm planning to put these two paintings in my artshows to sell. The adirondeck chairs were painted in Michigan on a retreat at the Lakeside Inn.

Most of my paintings are also made into cards that I sell, usually small ones at about 1.75 each, or assorted 4 for 7.00.

The lattice was painted at Lake Katherine in Palos Heights. It's such a beautiful place to go with a waterfall, butterfly garden, lake with swans among other things.

Paintings from Lockport Gaylord Building

I'm planning to sell these two paintings but haven't quite gotten the framing finished. They were both painted in a plein aire class where we work on site.

Sketch Class to Brookfield Zoo

I hadn't been to the zoo in many years! It was a beautiful day but hard to find what to work on. This photo is what I ended up doing in pen and ink. Will post the sketch later.

This dogwood is a variety that does well in the north. My son has one in his yard. It has more pointed petals.

I took photos of the various quotes that were sometimes carved into stone or posted above some of the entrances to the different animal buildings.

The pelicans were so graceful and so white in the sun.

Bison carving

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Trillium from N. Carolina trip

These were at the Asheville Arboretum. I've always wanted a beautiful photo of the White Trilliums!