Friday, October 2, 2015

Pam Paulsrud's class- Life Lines

 We studied sacred geometry and used a compass to start the bottom layer ( structure) in the background working on a full sized sheet of arches textwove. After the pencil compass lines were finished, the large sheet was torn into pages to work on, so the compass structures were "cut up" on more than one page.

This one is using a compass with the folded pen attachment. I think it has an oriental feel.

 On one part we used different pencils and handwriting, some with the non-dominant hand, and some fast gestural writing. Then added watercolor etc to finish.
We usually worked in threes. She said it works well that way.
 More experimenting- I did the sumi ink circles with some gesso underneath.  Worked on some that weren't my favorites to experiment on.
You can see the compass line base on this one.  Then we constructed a case for the many pages that we will be finishing and experimenting on. This was a wonderful class and we all had such unique works -more photos are on Facebook.  I hope to complete all of mine!