Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Leaf and the Page exhibit in Lockport

Went to visit the Lockport Gallery at the Illinois State Museum to see the exhibit- The Leaf and the Page. It runs to Jan. 29, 2010 and the show is wonderful as is the gallery! Too bad it was so cloudy that day but it was still worth it. Then next door there's the yarn and tea gift shop which is huge. And when I went to check out the back room, there was this wonderful back enclosed garden! Like a SECRET GARDEN! Maybe we will visit with the sketch class this next summer!! Even in the snow the colors were beautiful with the huge gate in the back and that green door!

Trip to Lockport Gallery

I took a quick photo of this (on the sly) because it was so unique- the books are cut, opened, and laid out in this very large circle. (a little hard to describe)

Hawk outside the back window!

He was beautiful even though he caught a bird (not sure what kind). Hubby had seen him on our deck last week but didn't have his camera. This time he was back by the creek behind our house which was close enough. Beware birdies!