Friday, September 14, 2007

My new blog!

Well, with the encouragement of my friend April, who said creating a blog is easy, I gave it a try and here it is! My new "baby"; my brand new creation. I'd been asked many times if I had a web site where people could view my cards and artwork, but after joining the Artist Way online group, I realized that a blog is an OK thing to have instead. It's funny how things open up for you just when you need it.

I'm an artist who loves calligraphy and painting. I specialized in painting in college, but also took a lettering class and loved it. I got frustrated in the acrylic painting because I never seemed to be able to get the blended colors I wanted and turned to the calligraphy instead. I'd always loved cursive writing and making the rounded letters and seeing the consistent pattern of lettering on my writing pages. When I did homework and even in my note taking I'd start all over if I had too many erasings or the writing didn't look good! Kind of a perfectioinist which I'm not really! I joined the Chicago Calligraphy Collective and when they started a group that met every month what a joy to find people to share with. We bring questions to the group if we need help with a project and if we happen to take the class of that month, bring what we did to show the others. Our new project is a calendar for 2008 - we've done a group calendar for a few years.

I've learned so much from art friends who share what they know. I'm taking watercolor classes at the Center in Palos Park and also teach Calligraphy there. There's such a wonderful group of people there and they offer so many different classes, a few Retreats each season, Luncheons on Tuesdays and special events during the year.

Well now all I have to do is figure out how to post my pictures now and I'm set to go! More to come later.


butterflywoman said...

Hi Marge,
Congrats!!!!can't wait to see your
prints, etc on this blog and on the
artist way blog.
Hmmmm. Maybe I'll have to keep up with
gang and try a personal blog as well.
Seems like fun and you can be wide
open with putting your stuff there.
Now you need to announce this to the

Uta said...

Hi Marjorie,
WELL DONE! I had trouble getting on to post a comment but my computer finally let me woohoo. Will try to explain how to post an image...
Just above where you write your blog before posting there is a tool bar. On the left there is fonts on the right (third from right) is a little image. Put your cursor on it and it will say "add image". Click on this. A box comes up where you can choose a layout, image size etc. If you have your images on your computer you click "browse". Once you have located the image press upload image. When its done press "done".
I hope that's helped and not confused you more. Good luck!

april said...

Hooray for you! I know you will enjoy this, although it keeps you on the computer longer. Oh well, it's like a journal and it's fun putting your artwork on it! Good for you, Marge!