Sunday, January 26, 2014

Rosie Kelly Workshop

 This workshop was called COMPOSITIONAL PLAY.  We worked on arches textwove torn into 8x6 sheets.  We used a variety of tools.  This first one was started with a squeeze bottle with a metal tip and sumi ink with a continuous line and then I used gesso, watercolor and walnut ink for texture.
 This one started with gesso then the watercolor I embossed the bottom strip
 Experimenting with a large brush first.  It still needs a third element -I'll try adding a block of text in maybe black.
 Another with the squeeze bottle and ink. In the critique, many thought this was a fiinished piece.  Not sure about that!  But I'm not sure where I could add text or an embossed subtle shape in the white area?  Or I'm thinking I could add another loop down into the right white space...
 Experimenting with dirty water for the background words.  Tried Rosies technique of using a variety of lettering sizes and styles.  I'm not sure if I'll try making a book with several of the pages.
This one is Rosies work.


Kate said...

How fun, Marge! I really like the second one you posted!

Doris said...

Really enjoy the subtlety in all of them!