Monday, September 30, 2013

Family visit in Grand Rapids to see ARTPRIZE

 Artprize is a three week display of artwork from all over the world and is set up throughout the whole city. There were 1250 exhibitors of all types of art including painting, wood carving, sculpture, pencil, mixed media, everything you could think of.  We enjoy going even though we could never see it all.  The weather was perfect this year and it's always great to see our Grandson and get the family together.  

 Everett looking over a fountain
 This art piece was in a shoe store and is made up of squares of leather from their shoe samples and depicts the city of Grand Rapids.
 I loved the building reflections on the glass windows.  The city is beautiful right on the river.

A large wood burning picture of the city from a photo from the 1800's.

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