Monday, August 29, 2011

Long Lost Paintings found!

These two paintings are from college days in Storm Lake, Iowa! I thought they were gone forever and my hubby found them in a search for something else-in the crawl space. They aren't in top notch shape but they bring me back to the days when it was almost spring, the ice was still on the lake, and I'd go down and sit in the sun and decided to make a sketch for painting class. In the first one, the planks are piled up waiting to be put in soon for the dock. It's my first and favorite. I wasn't as happy with the sky in the second one. They are done in acrylic paints but watered down to get the washy effect I wanted.


april said...

Marge - they're really nice! Beautiful shadows; so interesting. And Lois would say - "look at those darks!" You must hang them up; what memories! I know you get the feeling that you are right back there again. Can tell by your description.

Marjorie said...

Thanks April, and yes, I didn't think about the darks! Quite experimental for me!!