Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Holiday Decorations at the Center

This is the Christmas tree in the Lodge
at the Center in Palos Park. It's
decorated with over 500
pressed Queen Anne's Lace
flowers! This is just the top of the
very tall tree. This part of the lodge
is two stories tall.

Enjoying the holiday decorations at the Center
where our classes are held in a log cabin.


Doris said...

Just love the season's greenery! That angel lace is gorgeous!

purplehatartist said...

Love the pressed Queen Anne's Lace! Never thought of that, but they are gorgeous.

april said...

A favorite thing at Christmas - seeing again the traditional decorations of nature at The Center! Most beautiful!

butterfly woman said...

Nice photos. Gives a great taste of Christmas time at the Center. Love those skates hanging up. Remind me of April's collage creation with her skates.
Ah, nature is divine....