Saturday, September 4, 2010

Trip to N. Carolina

The deck looking out on the golf course. What a beautiful view it was. We'll miss this home but so glad it sold and no more worries about that. I'll miss the Rufus sided Towhee and his "cup-of-teeee" call. And the smell of the White pines surrounding the house. We won't miss the 5-7 minute drive all the way around the golf course to get to the house. Mom's in a wonderful independant living center with lots of friends and activities that she enjoys so much!

Mom's house sold! We may look like we were relaxing, but it was a busy time getting everything cleaned out of the rooms that were left. We'd worked quite a bit in the last year, but there was still more to finish up.

Dining room front window with the living room on the left. I had to take a few photos even without the furniture.

The boxes are slides from many trips. Still have to view some of them to see which ones we'll keep.


april said...

Oh, a mix of emotions. Your Mom looks wonderful and so happy she is happy. I can feel all the memories in this house.

Doris said...

Yes, your Mom looks vibrant and what a beautiful house and yard!