Sunday, April 26, 2009

Hummingbird Moth

Saw this little guy at my sister's in N. Carolina. I looked him up and it said he's also called a "Clearwing" because his wings turn clear. He was sooo cute and stayed right there for several minutes.


april said...

I look for those "hummingbird moths" every year. I first saw one in the chapel garden at The Center and then they used to visit our butterfly bushes here at home all the time. They are amazing.

Doris said...

I've not seen one before! Amazing! And what type of flowers are those? They look crisp and hardy!

Marjorie said...

The flowers are a ground cover, maybe called flox. I think that's what my sister called them. We've seen a moth similar to this one before here a few years ago,but I don't think it was the same kind.