Sunday, September 28, 2008



Laura said...

Marge so good to see new work up on the blog. And your weathergrams. Love them, How many to do you have in all? and what are you asking for them indiviually? What wonderful gift Ideas for the holiday season coming up. I'm very interested in them. Do you sell them in a set? Like 4 or 6 at a time?

20 question sorry
Oh and you have a wonderful way of adding your quotes with the collage great to see you heading that directions.

Marjorie said...

Laura, I have lots of dif quotes on the weathergrams. I used to do them larger like maybe 5inches by, say 20inches. Then I tried some that will fit into a letter sized envelope! So those are about 4.50 and the larger ones were from $9. to 12.00. They are hand lettered, and have a little print out on the back explaining them and have the japanese "chop" at the bottom. They came from a Japanese tradition and they honor a birth, or are a memory of a death, etc. Usually they sell separately, but whatever you want could be done.