Monday, July 28, 2008

Calligraphy conference and trip to Michigan...

Arrived back home in time to repack to see son Marsh and Emily in Michigan. Went to the Taste of Grand Rapids on Sat evening and Saugatuck on Sunday. Home again Sunday evening.
Then got ready to go to Mary Ann's funeral in Dolton at 9AM. Two other calligraphy friends from Arlington Heights were there - Some attended the Wake the day before. We'll greatly miss Mary Ann who surprised everyone by showing up Sunday at the conference evening program! That was like her last hurrah I guess as she passed away on Thursday morning in her own bed.

I'll remember the last Conference we drove to in Minn. with Ginny and stayed over at Mick's brothers. And all the monthly study group meetings we attended together at Ill. Benedictine Univ. She was a special person.

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