Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Christmas-Birthday Celebration at the Greystone Inn

Mom planned her 90th birthday celebration as a gathering for us at the Greystone Inn which is an hour from her home in N. Carolina. The picture above is of my sister Anne, Mom, Betsy, my twin sister and me on the gorgeous front porch at the inn.


J (uk) said...

Did you make the cake Marjorie? It looks beautiful. Is blue a special colour for your Mum? She looks very happy.
julie (UK) x

Laura said...

Hi Marge,
Just stopped in to your blog and seen you picture you posted. What a wonderful time with your siblings and mother. It's so cool to see the photo now when you speak of you twin siser I have an image.

april said...

My goodness! I haven't peeked in here in a while and look at all the postings you have done! What nice pictures of your family. ...April